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The ‘MrPaansMusic Update’ via WhatsApp is a weekly update with must listen songs & albums and interesting reads about music. Easy to read and easy to listen.

So how does this work?

1) Open WhatsApp and add a New Contact as ‘MrPaansMusic.com’ and Save +31629855938

2) Send a message “SOUND ON” + “Your full name” to subscribe. E.g. SOUND ON MRPAANS.

That’s it, I will add you to the broadcast list and you are good to go!! 

put it on repeat


A complete list 📝 of all the tracks I liked in 2018. Updated weekly! 💪🏻

Kick back and relax 💤 with this chill playlist. Perfect for hanging out with friends 👫 or some me time.

What’s music without a beat? Nothing right? 🎧

My alltime favorite tracks. The first memories as a child 🧒🏼, the songs I dance 🕺🏻 to, and more 🙌🏻

Dutch 🇳🇱 hip-hop is going strong. Even if you don’t speak Dutch you will feel the power of these tracks.

When the sun goes down 🌅 and you need some electronic tunes.

Hip-hop is one of my favorite genres 🎤 This is a list of what I considers classic 🏛 tracks

☀️ The go-to playlists for those long summernights and barbecue 🔥 sessions.

Soul tracks that are sampled in hip-hop. Do you recognize them?😏

Who am I


I’m a music lover and curator who manages music and sound related projects with a creative and strategic mind.


My love for music started on the road to the south of France on the backseat of my parents car. Boxes filled with cassette tapes full of music. My father’s tapes; with The Beatles and 60’s music. Those of my big brother: the first grunge bands; Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Sonic Youth. And of course my own first tapes with Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen and New Kids On The Block.


Later on the walkman was replaced with a discman. My first cd’s; Dr. Dre, Mark Oh and Atlantic Ocean. Trough Dr. Dre I discovered hip hop. And hip hop made me discover soul and jazz. Through friends, my collection grew with bands like Led Zeppelin and The Doors. My exploration for ‘new’ music went like a time travel. From the 60’s to the 80’s and from the 70’s back to now. From electronic music to classical and from folk to funk.


At this moment I’m fortunate to combine my passion for music in my daily job as a project director at Amp.Amsterdam. In my spare time I love to discover and share new music and create themed Spotify playlists for myself and anybody who has interest to follow them. I share these playlists and discoveries via my social media channels and website MrPaansMusic.

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