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What I do: Artist Management & Strategy

Since 2018 I’m managing the wonderful Kris Berry on her trip in the world of music. Kris Berry is a Dutch singer who released 3 studio albums and opened up for Gregory Porter on his 2018 UK tour.

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What I did: Label Management / A&R

Dynamic Reflection is a techno imprint that was founded by Paul Boex in 2008. In 2013 I got on board as a label manager to take the label into the new era of music.  We successfully started a talent platform The Nursery to give young and upcoming producers a chance to release their music on a big label. Nowadays I’m still involved as a consultant for the Dynamic Reflection team.


What I do: Brand Client Manager (Amp.Amsterdam)

As brand client manager at Amp.Amsterdam I’m responsible for our brand clients and related projects on a day-to-day basis. Amp.Amsterdam is the sonic branding company for brands and agencies. By defining sonic identities and delivering world class music supervision and production we increase the consistency and creative impact of your brand communication in all consumer touch points.


What I did: Label Management / A&R

Soulfood is a vinyl only house label that released EP’s by De Sluwe Vos, Kindimmer, Manooz and more. In 2013 I got on board as a label manager to take the label into the new era of music.

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Who am I


I’m a music lover and curator who manages music and sound related projects with a creative and strategic mind.


My love for music started on the road to the south of France on the backseat of my parents car. Boxes filled with cassette tapes full of music. My father’s tapes; with The Beatles and 60’s music. Those of my big brother: the first grunge bands; Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Sonic Youth. And of course my own first tapes with Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen and New Kids On The Block.


Later on the walkman was replaced with a discman. My first cd’s; Dr. Dre, Mark Oh and Atlantic Ocean. Trough Dr. Dre I discovered hip hop. And hip hop made me discover soul and jazz. Through friends, my collection grew with bands like Led Zeppelin and The Doors. My exploration for ‘new’ music went like a time travel. From the 60’s to the 80’s and from the 70’s back to now. From electronic music to classical and from folk to funk.


At this moment I’m fortunate to combine my passion for music in my daily job as a project director at Amp.Amsterdam. In my spare time I love to discover and share new music and create themed Spotify playlists for myself and anybody who has interest to follow them. I share these playlists and discoveries via my social media channels and website MrPaansMusic.

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